Helsinki Roosters sign DL William Sewell jr !

The 6’1″, 245 lb, 28 year old William Sewell jr, a native of Ashton, Maryland, played four seasons at Frostburg State University where he was voted a D3 All American twice and led the team in tackles, tackles for loss and sacks for three straight years. Over his four year career with the Bobcats, Sewell recorded 235 tackles, 56.5 tackles for loss and 24 sacks.


We had a chat with William and asked about who he is and where he is coming from.

” Im William Sewell JR 28 years old country boy. I’m born and raised in Maryland but now live on a farm in Virginia. Moved there about a 2 years ago.


My favorite things to do outside of football is hunt, fish, and lift weights. I’m super strong about me passion with the outdoors and love to stay connected to that as much as I can.


I’ve been around the game of football since I was first able to start playing at the age of 6 and never looked back since. I played every level up to professional. I played at Frostburg state university where named NCAA football All-American 2x 1x NJAC defensive player of the year 2016 Frostburg State athlete of the year 2016.


After college I was invited to the NFL Regional combine in 2016 and my doors opened up to come play overseas in Copenhagen Denmark where I played for the Copenhagen Towers for 2 seasons. I then took my talents north to Oslo Norway where now I play for the Oslo Vikings.


My best memory from football is from Frostburg state football when we changed the program around when coach Delane Fitzgerald came in from southern Virginia and changed the program from being nothing in D3 now to a D2 program. And the reason for that is that he showed up how to not just look at football as a game it more than that. It’s the relationships you build outside of football as far as volunteer activities, helping kids, how you carry yourself in the classroom, having self respect and till this day he’s someone I strongly look up to and made me the football player I am today. I thank him.


In 2023 I will want to accomplish to build a dynasty that anyone can’t break. I want to make this program a hard nose blue collar football program that’s going to give it their all for 3 hours on the field and compete for what is earned. Roosters fans I’m beyond excited to be apart of the Roosters family and just know 2023 is out season. One team One goal. Lets win the Maple League this upcoming season. Make sure you stay tuned for some hard nose football for 3 hours on gameday.


In my free time I like to spend with my brother Zach Snyder. He’s my ride or die and he’s always with me wherever I go in life. Just know I go insane when I see cool wildlife in the wilderness 🙂 ”

Photo: 1st down photo