Helsinki Roosters sign QB Bryce Stancombe!

The Helsinki Roosters have signed quarterback Bryce Stancombe. The 6´2” 210-pound Stancombe was rare seven-year student-athlete for the University of Indianapolis (NCAA D2, GLVC conference). During his college career Stancombe did appear in 31 games. He threw for 4,434 yards and 38 touchdowns. He was voted as team captain for the Greyhounds on his last two seasons and was awarded as Offensive MVP in 2020-2021 season.

Helsinki Roosters Head coach Juha Hakala is pleased about signing of Stancombe:

”For the past 3 seasons we have had the priviledge to enjoy from the great performance of our national quarterback Miro Kadmiry who was very experienced quarterback and a true leader of our offense. The key elements for the next quarterback was to find a player that is experienced, can help our young local quarterbacks to grow and can also be leader for our offense in 2022.

Bryce Stancombe was with UIndy for seven years and has lots of playing experience. He has strong and accurate arm and can make all the throws. Whats more important he was named two years in a row as the team captain that clearly shows his leadership skills on and off the field. I believe Bryce will make a huge impact to our offense in 2022 season.”

Helsinki Roosters Offensive coordinator Daniel Stanzel is excited about his new passer:

”It is the hardest position in sports. We put a lot of work into finding the right player for the team; on and off the field. I am very excited about the signing of Bryce. It is rare to find someone with the experience he has coming straight from college. His resume speaks for itself and so does his game tape. I cannot wait to get to work with him.”

We had a quick interview with Bryce Stancombe:

– Who is Bryce Stancombe and where do you come from?
I am from Bloomington,Indiana, USA. I started playing organized football at 13 years old. I played quarterback at Bloomington South High School and earned a scholarship to play at the University of Indianapolis, Indiana.

*- What is your favorite things to do outside of Football? *
I enjoy being outside and spending time with friends.

*- What is your best memory from Football so far? *
This past year we overcame a 14 point deficit In the conference championship and won.

*- What made you choose Helsinki Roosters as your new team for 2022 season? *
The winning tradition that the Roosters have created is one that I want to be a part of and contribute to.

*- What would you like to accomplish in 2022 with Helsinki Roosters? *
I want to continue the tradition of winning championships

*- What would you like to tell to Roosters fans about the upcoming season? *
Be ready for another great season!

*- Tell us something about yourself that people usually dont know about you? *
I played basketball and baseball up until college.

Photo: ©️ Jacob Musselman

*Watch Bryce Stancombe´s senior season highlights from here: *