Helsinki Roosters signs Dimitri Sinodinos as their QB for 2023 season!

Helsinki Roosters has signed 25-year old Canadian Dimitri Sinodinos from Montreal as their quarterback for 2023 season. Sinodinos played his College career in McGill University during 2017-2021 seasons. He was a team captain at McGill University and played in 24 games passing over 3000 yards. He was named on USports East-West bowl roster and in 2019 became the fifth McGill player selected to participate in the Canadian Quarterback Internship Program and attended the Montreal Alouettes training camp (May 2019).   

In March 2022 he participated in CFL´s Eestern Regional Combine where he recorded overrall combine score of 85.08/100, his short shuttle time (4,06s) was the best across all combines. 

Helsinki Roosters OC Daniel Stanzel is very pleased of the signing of Sinodinos: 

This is a great day for the Roosters. Dimitri is a CFL calibre player. And he fits the style of QB we want.” 

Welcome to Helsinki Roosters and RoostersFamily Dimitri!


Player profile 

Name: Dimitri Sinodinos 

Age: 25 years (1997)
Position: Quarterback 

Height: 180cm / 5´11 

Weight: 89kg / 196 lbs 

College: McGill University 


McGill University career highlights: 


Picture: ©Joe Pimentel