Lea Kaszas has joined Roosters Women

Lea Kaszas has arrived to Finland and was watching the Wolverines Ladies – Roosters Women game on sideline. Here are some not so quick answers about coming back and Sunday’s game.

How do you feel being back in Finland?
– Being back in Finland is great. The weather has been a bit worse than it was when I arrived last summer, but I know enough about Finnish ”summer” to expect the unexpected. It’s been a bit of a strange adjustment coming to a new team, having been with the Trojans last summer. But I have to say that the Roosters have been very welcoming and have made me feel like a part of the team since day one, well before I even arrived in Finland.
How is your injury recovery progressing?
– As far as the recovery of my Achilles is going, I will be 8 weeks post surgery this coming Wednesday and I feel great! I will begin physical therapy at SSL in Turku tomorrow and am very excited to see what progress that will bring, as I’ve heard about the amazing results that they produce. I am 100% ready to work hard and haven’t let myself get out of shape so I believe my recovery will be smooth and record breaking… Maybe that last part is mostly in my dreams but still, I wouldn’t say that you can completely count me out for the rest of this season.
How did Sunday’s game Wolverines Ladies vs. Roosters Women look like?
– The Wolverines game made a big impression on me, as it was really the first time I’ve seen the Roosters live in action as a spectator and not an opponent. The defense was impenetrable, which I had recalled having played against them. The Wolverines started strong and our offense sputtered a bit the beginning; I was ready for a long battle. The offense however started to gain ground as Jenni and Mari pounded away yard by yard, slipping and grinding through the Wolverines defense. Eventually our air attack complemented our run game and at that point, we were like a train picking up speed that would not be stopped. The o-line provided amazing protection and Carola’s arm was strong and accurate.

– I was more impressed as the game went on, not only by the athleticism and success of our players on the field but also by the oneness of everyone on the sidelines. You can really feel that it is one big family with a common goal, from the coaches down to the injured teammates on the sidelines and the behind the scenes managers. Sunday was a great experience and I cannot wait to contribute to my new team. Hopefully I will be on the field with them at some point this season, even though I don’t think they really need me to bring home another championship.

– I’m more than excited to see what the rest of this summer will bring!


Welcome Lea! Roosters Women are glad to have you here!

Text: Pekka Lylyharju
Photo: Anna Tanskanen