Maple League week 1: vs. Wasa Royals

Press release 15/5/2024:

The Offense is excited to welcome back Urjansson, who will celebrate his homecoming to Helsinki in Week 1 against the Royals. Urjansson has shown true leadership, creativity, and game-managing skills since his return. In general, the QB room with three Finnish QBs has put in a lot of time on and off the field this offseason.

It will be exciting to finally see the new additions Greenfield and Nunnelly in action. Both have made big plays in practice in the short time they have been in Finland and have shown they do whatever it takes to help the team win. What also stands out is how both have made big efforts in bonding with the local guys.

Our team suffered an unprecedented number of injuries this offseason. On Offense alone, we are missing guys like Asklöf, Jauhiainen, Wahlstein, Närhi, and Vehkomäki. It has forced us to be creative, and a lot of players such as Tervanen, Tohmo or Rautiainen will have their Maple League debut this upcoming game week.

One player to be on the lookout for is Artturi Tähkäpää, who will replace Johannes for Week 1. Tähkäpää, who has already seen some playing time last year (TD vs Wolverines), has been the most improved player this offseason. Also highly praised by Kimi Linnainmaa, who worked with the receivers during the offseason.