Maple League week 2: vs. Porvoon Butchers

Last week on offense, Ambro Urjansson was in command at all times, showing great efficiency and poise. His favourite target, Santtu Vehkomäki, finished the night with 165 yards and 2 touchdowns. Vehkomäki, who was questionable going into the season opener, was not able to finish the game and will go through medical tests on Monday.

In addition to Vehkomäki, new acquisition Ethan Greenfield was utilised heavily in both the pass and run games, with 143 total yards and 2 touchdowns. Having had only four carries in the first half, during the Ruutu blackout in the third quarter, Greenfield took over and showed tremendous playmaking ability running the ball.

Next to the debut of 15-year-old Tervanen (LG) and 16-year-old Tohmo (RT) on the offensive line, a player that stood out on film was National Team center Mikko Toiminen. Toiminen showed immense grit in the run game, and his efforts in calling out the protection led to the Roosters not giving up a single sack.

Going into week 2 and facing the Maple League winner of last year, the Porvoon Butchers, the offense will use former DT Kaleb Wezdenko to beef up the trenches. With Jauhiainen and Vehkomäki questionable, it remains to be seen who will step into a more prominent role on offense.