Maple League week 3: vs. Crusaders

In Week 2, both Vehkomäki and Tähkäpää were tagged as questionable going into the game and neither was able to play. This pushed Rene Rautiainen into a starting role. After our offensive struggles in the first quarter, Rautiainen’s big play shortly before the half shifted the momentum in our favor and gave the offense the spark it needed. Rautiainen, in his first start in the Maple League, finished the game with 8 catches, 80 yards, and 1 touchdown.

Bryce Nunnelly was another receiver who showed huge playmaking ability once the offense found its rhythm. After a quiet game against Vaasa, Nunnelly was utilized all over the field and caught three of Urjansson’s four passing touchdowns.

UNC comes off a bye and will be a tough challenge with their heavy box. We once again rely on players stepping up when their numbers are called, as we are still suffering from injuries on both sides of the ball. However, the coaching staff has full trust in the guys we have, and Thursday should be a fun game to watch.