Maple League week 6: at Kuopio Steelers

This week, we will go on our first true road trip to Kuopio, facing the Steelers on Thursday night. After the bye week and midsummer break, the offense is hopeful to get Aleksi Närhi back on the O-Line after missing time with a leg injury. Johannes Jauhiainen and Lassi Pajarinen will also attempt to practise this week, having both missed time at the start of the year. Unfortunately, we will greatly miss Santtu Vehkomäki for the remainder of the regular season, as he suffered a knee injury in Week 2 against the Butchers. Vehkomäki, who has already started his rehab, is one of Finland’s best and will remain a leader of our team.

Offensively, this means that our receiver group will have to step up. Next to Nunnelly, who leads the league with 9 receiving touchdowns, Tähkäpää, Rautiainen, and Pitkänen have all had breakout performances in the first quarter of the season. It will be interesting to see who will take their game to the next level.

Defensively, the newly-acquired linebacker Matt Barrett will feature for the first time against the Steelers on Thursday.