Maple League week 8: vs. Helsinki Wolverines

The game against the Crocodiles was a fierce fight and an important game for the playoff picture. I believe defense, offense, and special teams showed a lot of grit, with each unit making plays when needed, which led to a victory on the road.

Offensively, we could not have been more pleased with the arrival of Jake Parks, who has instantly strengthened our O-Line on the right side. With Aki Aho missing the game due to illness, rookie Titus Tervanen was also forced to step in and start in the interior. The Crocodiles have a great front 7 (defensive linemen and linebackers), and we struggled at times to get our footing in the run game or allow Ambro to get the time he needed in the pass game. Eventually, our players were able to come through and get the job done. Bryce Nunnelly, with his two scores in the endzone (even though the official stats incorrectly show one), had a big part in it. He now has 12 touchdowns on the season.

Coming off Week 7, we are again confronted with another Thursday game against the Helsinki Wolverines. After a last-minute win against the Crusaders, we expect the Wolverines to go into this matchup with a lot of confidence. We look forward to the challenge.