From Ottawa via Hall to Helsinki- Welcome Monteze Latimore!

Helsinki Roosters has signed american CB Monteze Latimore. He will join the team soon. Latimore has played in University of Central Missouri. After UCM he was in  CFL Ottawa RedBlacks and after that he was suppose to play in Swäbisch Hall Unicorns. Due to GFL rules, he was not eligible to play in GFL (because of playing in CFL) he was free to play with Roosters. We had a pleasure to ask him few questions who he is and what he thinks about playing in Helsinki.

– Tell us little bit who is Monteze Latimore? Where are you coming from and where are you going? Have you some other ’hobbies’ besides american football?

”My name is Monteze Latimore , born in St.Louis Missouri- Going to Helsinki, Capital Of Finland. Hobbies beside football: Love to go paint-ball shooting, hiking mountains or trails or maybe even some caves, definitely love going to the beach great scenery. ”

– Why American Football ?

” Growing up I started playing football at the age of 5, so it was the only thing I knew that and school. I loved it since then. My mom and brother was the one’s who kept me focus on football because I wanted to get better and better each year. I played a lot of sport like ; baseball, a little track , soccer, and wrestling but football was the only sport that I actually focus on a lot . ”

– Offense or Defense ?

” I play Defense Corner Back. I love passing because that involves me more. I like to make plays and make my opponents pay for trying to throw the ball my way. ”

– Future plans in football?

” I have /had future plans but at this point in my life I love football, so if I do good in Europe in football and someone from CFL/ or NFL see and recruit me yes I will consider to try it out but other than that I’m loving the experience and will continue to play in Europe until I can’t no more. ”

– Tell us something special about you?

” Well I studied in Exercise Science, Kinesiology, I want to get my Master in either Chiropractic or Occupational Therapy or sports Therapy . I love dogs (German Shepard’s and Huskies ) , and Lizards . I also am a big fan Of Kids. Love kids!”

– What do you know about Finland and Helsinki Roosters? What are your expectations when you are joining team in this point of season?

” First time even hearing about the Roosters, and Finland don’t know much but location is up North. Expectations when joining a team – well just want to fit into family. My expectations is to meet new people, make bonds that will last forever. Win games, play hard and practice hard. I’m a hard working player (work on my skills that needs to be improved to dominate my opponents) I’m a leader- I motivate and encourage my teammates or others to accomplish goals that are set. I take action to always be the guy that everyone looks up too and I set a high standard for my self so I can always try my best . I show others what hard work looks like .”

– Greetings to Roosters fans?

” HELSINKI ROOSTERS thanks for signing  me in the middle of the season . I am happy to be here and I will come and play to my potentials and learn to get better as the season go on . I now and is pride to call my self a ROOSTER”


Text: Jenni Hakala

Pictures: UCM, ttlsports