Roosters sign Aymeric Nicault!

Bienvenue , Welcome to the #roostersfamily Rico!

And as we are used to – little interview with Aymeric

  • Who is Aymeric Nicault and where do you come from?
    I’m Aymeric « Rico » NICAULT, wide receiver and running back from France. Raised in Réunion Island but currently living in Paris.

  • What is your favorite things to do outside of Football?
    Outside of football, I like to do a ton of things, but my favorite thing would be playing music, specially bass guitar.

  • What is your best memory from Football so far?
    No doubt, the European Title in 2018 with Team France.

  • What made you choose Helsinki Roosters as your new team for 2022 season?
    I wanted since my season with the Wasa Royals in 2019 to come back in Finland. I love the country, the culture and Finnish people are great ! So, when the Roosters offered me the opportunity to play here, that was not long for me to know that it is the right choice for my career.

  • What would you like to accomplish in 2022 with Helsinki Roosters?
    Obviously, winning the Maple Bowl is the only one objective for us. Personally, playing hard, playing well and helping my teammates the best way I can on and off the field.

  • What would you like to tell to Roosters fans about the upcoming season?
    To the Roosters fans, I just want to say thank you first for all the support. We gonna make you proud in 2022, and we gonna give everything we got on the gridiron.

  • Tell us something about yourself that people usually dont know about you?
    Well, I don’t got big secret stories. But, before football came into my life, my goal was to be a University Teacher in History. So I did history studies, get my history master too.
    But playing football is way more fun ✌️.

Picture: NFL