Roosters Special Teams Season Outlook

Special teams are often an overlooked aspect of football, but any coach or player will tell you that they can be the deciding factor in winning or losing a game. The Helsinki Roosters special teams unit is no exception to this. With a talented and experienced group of players, the Roosters are poised to make a significant impact in the upcoming season.


Starting with the kickers, the Roosters have two solid options in Johannes Jauhiainen and Lucas Suokas. Jauhiainen, a seasoned veteran, has the experience and accuracy needed to make all the kicks and understand special teams schemes. Suokas, on the other hand, brings a strong leg and versatility as he can punt and kick field goals.

Kicker: Johannes Jauhiainen

Snapper and Holder:

When it comes to snaps and holds, the Roosters have Tarmo Pitkänen and Santtu Vehkomäki, respectively. Pitkänen is known for his accuracy in snapping the ball, whether it is for a punt or extra point attempt. Vehkomäki is a reliable holder and can even execute “fire calls” for successful passes and two-point conversions when needed.

Holder: Santtu Vehkomäki


The return game is where the Roosters could make a significant impact this season. Pearce Dumay, a fast and shifty import from McGill with college-level experience as a returner, will provide a dynamic presence on both kick and punt returns. Lassi Pajarinen, a strong and talented player with good vision, can also be expected to make significant contributions as a returner.

Returner: Pearce Dumay


The hammers on the Roosters special teams unit, Aleksi Stasevich and Henri Kaasinen, are both tenacious players who will go after returners with ferocity. Stasevich is known for his tackling ability and high motor, while Kaasinen is a tough player who will run past blockers to make plays.

Hammer: Aleksi Statsevich


As they say, football is a three-phase game, and special teams are a critical component of that. The Roosters know that and will be looking to make their mark on special teams this season.