Towards Maple League 2017: Return of Curtis Slater

Very effective defensive back comes back

Last season he made the longest interception return to touchdown in Helsinki Roosters history. He also tied for the most interceptions per season with seven. And now defensive back Curtis Slater will return for the next season.

Defensive coordinator Kari Titola is naturally very pleased of Slater’s coming back.

– I’m very happy to get Curtis back to Roosters. He had most tackles in Roosters defense last year with Sebastian Karbin. Roosters had third best pass defense in the league and he was big part of it with his seven interceptions.

Before coming to Europe Slater played for D-II West Texas A&M University, where he was the second most productive defensive player of the team in his last year. He was also very effective in Germany when playing for GFL Marburg Mercenaries and Hamburg Huskies before coming to Finland last season.

Also head coach Marquette Floyd waits a lot of him next season.

– It’s great to have him back. He made a lot of plays last year and it will be great to have him and his knowledge of the game back to help the younger guys. Excited to see him have a great season.

Some quick answers from the player after signing

Could you tell us little more about your football career before Texas A&M?

– Houston Texas High School Cy-Ridge was what started my path to college. Had a great coach actually to teach me the game instead of just going off of talent, which is something I think is an important key to success playing football.

What made you decide to come back to Helsinki Roosters for season 2017?

– I decided to come back because of the environment and chance to improve our mistakes from the previous season. I want to be better in all aspects as well as being able to help the team become something great throughout Europe. People know about the Roosters, but I want to make it to where opportunities to play against the top team in Europe are something that comes automatic, such as the Big6.

Now you have seen one season of Maple League football. What are your expectations for the next season?

– This next seasons expectations are going to be sky high. We have played together for one season, getting to know everyone and how we play together as a hole. But now it’s time for bigger and better advances. I believe that is achievable and 2017 is going to be a great year for the Roosters.

Any message to Roosters fans?

– Rooster fans- One time for the one time. I hope you’re ready for more big plays and an exciting season we have coming up. Y’all are great and I appreciate the support that y’all give.

Helsinki Roosters warmly welcomes Curtis back to Maple League fields!

Curtis Slater

Curtis Slater

Teksti Pekka Lylyharju, kuva Salla Lahti