Towards Maple League 2018: Another Connette comes to town

Adam Connette to reinforce the wide receiver core

Helsinki Roosters has signed wide receiver Adam Connette to join his brother quarterback Brandon Connette. The all-time leading receiver of NCAA div II University of Minnesota Crookston Golden Eagles is finishing his studies in December and joins the team in January. Helsinki Roosters head coach Juha Hakala believes Adam can contribute more to the team than just points to the scoreboard.

– Adam is a great athlete and very shifty wide receiver. He will be a great addition to our WR position group, which we are rebuilding heavily under this winter. Also with his experience as WR, I’m sure that he can also give back to our younger guys and also make players around him still even better.

Offensive coordinator Mikko Koikkalainen is delighted for his new “leatherman”.

– It’s very exciting to have Adam to join us. He is like a multitool, he can be used all over the field. He is a very complete receiver.

Adam Connette, picture courtesy of University of Minnesota Crookston

Here are some quick answers from Adam Connette:

Could you tell us something about your background and football career?

– I have been playing football since I was about 9 years old. I am passionate about the game and eager to learn more.

What made you choose Helsinki Roosters for season 2017?

– I picked the Roosters because my brother Brandon plays and I have always wanted a chance to play with him. The Roosters are also a great organization and continue to improve every year.

What are your expectations about the level of play in Maple League?

– I expect a challenge each week.

What are your expectations for the next season?

– I expect to break records and to make it to the championship game.

Any message to Rooster fans?

– I can’t wait to be in Helsinki to put on a show for the fans!

Adam Connette, picture courtesy University of Minnesota Crookston

Helsinki Roosters warmly welcomes Adam Connette to join the Red Family!


Text: Pekka Lylyharju
Photos: University of Minnesota Crookston