U15 and U17 coaching staff revealed


Some changes needed

Head Coach Daniel Stanzel has got his coaching staff for Roosters U15 and U17 teams gathered. He worked already last season coaching in Roosters’ junior teams and had clear picture of that there is something needed; a change in attitude.

– I think it is quite the clear picture. Both U15 and U17 have had little success on and off the field. Off the field we battled to get kids to practice and struggled to get a full roster for game days. On the field both units did not bring home a championship. But not just that; I felt some of the kids did not reach their full potential during the season. Hence something needed to happen.

But not only to ask his players to change their attitude, he wants to offer them quality coaching.

– I wanted to bring the best possible coaches the help in both units. The Roosters are a top 3 organization and the youth program needs to be just that. Every kid who starts playing football should want to play for the Roosters. And every kid that plays should want to be coached by the best in the league. I am very excited about the crew Leena (Vehkomäki), Jarmo (Lahti) and I have put together.

U17-joukkue pelasi upean kauden ja saavutti SM-hopeaa.

2018 U17 silver medalists


The Legend and the Young Bucks

And who can be better role models but those who know what is needed to get to the top and stay there. Here are the coaches and Daniel’s view why they are in the staff.

Santtu Äyräväinen: U17 Defensive Coordinator

– I am very excited to have Santtu on board. He is a legend, on and off the field. He has coached some of the kids in the national team and obviously he knows what it means to be a Rooster. As you can imagine, Santtu is not doing this for the money or fame. He wants to give back and help kids to get to the next level.

Karri Pajarinen, U15 Offensive Coordinator, U15 and U17 Running Backs Coach

– Karri arguably is the best player Finland has to offer; top athlete, a really good guy and very bright. He might be overseas soon, but until then I hope he will share all his tools and tricks with our players. He will also work with RBs in both units.

Viljo Lempinen, U15 Defensive Coordinator, U15 and U17 Defensive Backs Coach

– Another one who dominates at his position in the Maple League. Beside his athleticism he is also very sound when it comes to techniques. Viljo is very football smart and many kids are excited to learn from him. He will work with DBs in both units.

Tony Koskinen, U15 and U17 Offensive Line Coach

– I have coached Tony for a year and the steps he made within only playing two years of football are incredible. Tony is a violent blocker and off the field one of the funniest and easy going guys. He comes from hockey and he can relate to all the newcomers more than anyone.

Akseli Vartiainen, U15 and U17 Linebackers Coach

– Akke is a guy that doesn’t get enough credit. We have so much young talent that we sometimes miss the guys who do the dirty work. Akke is one of the guys I wanted the most. He is very calm but works his butt off when it comes to football. He and Santtu will breed a new generation of linebackers.

Janne Huovinen, U15 Defensive Line Coach

– Janne is still with our U19 squad but already gained coaching experience last year with the U15. I know for a fact he is a grinder. You have to understand that with only 18 he faces the best lineman of the league at every practice.

Okko Outinen and Garrett Saffron:

– Okko will probably work with our defensive line as well if his work allows it. I think mainly when it comes to U17. Garret will be mentoring our quarterbacks. One thing the Vikings have had for years is scheduled QB practices, something I want happening here as well.

Daniel Stanzel will himself coordinate the offense of U17 team and coach wide runners on both teams.

If you are interested to join Roosters U15 or U17 team, don’t hesitate to contact team managers:

Jos olet kiinnostunut liittymään Roostersin U15 tai U17 joukkueisiin, ota yhteyttä joukkueenjohtajiin:

U15: Reijo Silosmaa, 040 828 7399 reijo.silomaa (a)pp.inet.fi

U17: Sanna Alkula, 044 309 6615 roosters (a) alkula.fi

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Text: Pekka Lylyharju
Photo: Jarmo Vehkomäki